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Discovery of Striped Caecilian at Kaziranga National Park

24 Jun, 2024

Discovery of Striped Caecilian in Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Great news for Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India as the recent departmental survey introduced the discovery of a new species of Striped Caecilian between the period of June 14 to June 17.

Discovery of an Exotic Species in Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park of Northeast India being a UNESCO World Heritage Site is acknowledged as one of India's most significant wildlife tourism destinations and is largely composed of grasslands and water features. As monsoon season arrives, focused surveys are arranged inside the forest region especially on amphibians and reptiles, leading to the discovery of the Striped Caecilian (Ichthyophis spp) for the first time in the park. the limbless amphibians typically spend most of their lives underground or in water bodies therefore it remained out of sight for so long.

The departmental survey was supported by experts and specialists from different educational institutions, NGOs, and several other organisations, making it one of the greatest initiatives. Apart from the identification of the newly discovered species, the survey encompassed training sessions designed to improve the abilities and comprehension of forest officials in recognising and preserving amphibians. This programme is a component of a larger endeavour to guarantee improved conservation and management of these important herpetofauna species in the future.

Emphasis on Social Media and Raising Public Awareness

The Assam Chief Minister's Office praised the survey's accomplishment on social media, captioning it, "Amazing Kaziranga, awesome Assam - some unique species of herpetofauna recorded recently." The caption emphasises the significance of Kaziranga's unique biodiversity and the ongoing attempts to safeguard it.

About Kaziranga National Park’s Wildlife in Assam

Many different types of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles find the 1,307 square kilometre Kaziranga to be a perfect home because of its diverse mix of grasslands, marshes, floodplains, and steep terrains. The Kaziranga Tiger Reserve includes a wide range of flora and fauna and recently a new species was added to the list which is Striped Caecilian in the recent rapid survey conducted from June 14 to 17, 2024 which has yielded encouraging results.

Every year, new species are witnessed which adds to the park’s rich biodiversity and makes it a great place to encounter wildlife. Earlier to this review, Kaziranga was known to be home to 24 amphibian species and 74 reptile species, with 21 of India's 29 tortoise and freshwater turtle species detailed.

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