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Golden Tiger Sighted in Kaziranga

29 Jan, 2024

Rare Golden Tiger Sighting at Kaziranga National Park

Great and exhilarating news vigorously flowed throughout the social media platform when Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma shared a captivating video on his official X page featuring a rare golden tiger leisurely strolling and then disappearing into the fields of Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The video was shared on Jan 25th, 2024 on National Tourism Day which adds limelight to the other diverse fauna found in Assam’s landscape.

About Kaziranga’s Wildlife in Assam

Kaziranga Rhino

The Kaziranga National Park’s region being one of India's most significant wildlife tourism destinations, is widely composed of grasslands and water features. The Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is topped by Big Five mammals which include the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Indian elephant, Bengal tiger, Wild water buffalo, and the eastern swamp deer.

The other mammals which add to the list of mammals in the national park are the Indian wild boar, Indian gaur, sambar, white-browed gibbon, Gangetic dolphin, capped langur, Indian grey mongoose, leopard, and jackal. Now after around 3 years, a rare golden tiger sighting in India was captured on National Tourism Day.

Around 30 such Golden Tigers are recorded in the world, with 4 to 5 Golden Tigers in India, one of which was witnessed recently in Kaziranga National Park.

Sightings of a Rare Species in the Kaziranga National Park

The first sighting of the extremely unique and rare species, a Golden Tiger in Kaziranga was captured by Wildlife photographer Gaurav Ramnarayan. During the safari ride, the photographer kept on continuously capturing photographs by sharing his experience while saying that the rare encounter in the wild is once in a lifetime experience. The wildlife enthusiast, Buddheswahwar Konwar spotted the exclusive golden tiger during a safari on January 24 from a distance of 600 to 700 meters.

After the encounter, the park authorities are actively investigating this unique trait by collecting samples and by DNA mapping. The research is conducted by scientists at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore which is led by Professor Uma Ramakrishnan and her excellent team. The ongoing research and observations in Kaziranga National Park provide valuable insights into the world of these elusive and fascinating creatures.

What are your thoughts and views on the viral video of the golden tiger? Did the clip and images leave you surprised?

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