Topography of Kaziranga National Park

The land is quite level all over the park, which is mainly covered by dense and tall elephant grass due to its flood-plain ecosystem. A few pockets of tropical semi-evergreen and deciduous forests also occur within the Park area. The grasslands along with scattered trees of Silk cotton (Bombax ceiba), Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica) and Indian rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo) among others give a typical savannah look akin to the sprawling wildernesses of Africa and North AmericaThese picturesque swamplands have an abundant cover of water lilies, water hyacinth and lotus. The vegetation that breaks the monotony of these grasslands and swamps are large clumps of semi-evergreen forest. The park, although quite flat in nature, is set against a backdrop of hills like the Mikir and Karbi Anglong.


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