Majuli Island Travel Guide

The world’s largest river Island, Majuli, is blessed with unparalleled beauty and a rich culture that will surprise you on your first visit. Nestled amidst the pristine Brahmaputra River, the island sprawls over an extensive area of 352 sq km. It has two towns – Garamur and Kamalabari, along with many little villages dotted throughout the landscape. Far away from the cacophony of the modern world, this popular tourist place in Assam is an oasis of tranquillity. This island is an archaic world in itself where people can be seen living in bamboo huts, making things by hand and cooking on the fire. You will find an abundance of natural beauty, diverse wildlife and impeccable serenity. The locals at this must-visit tourist destination in Assam are very kind, hospitable and can be seen wearing colourful dresses and creatively crafted masks. Not to forget, Majuli Island has also been one of the most important cultural centres of Assam since the 16th century. It was once the primary hub of the neo-Vaishnavite culture. Many monasteries constructed by the Assamese Saint – Srimanta Sankardeva, still survive and depict the vibrant culture of Assam. Majuli Island is also a good place for birding. Both domestic and migratory birds can be spotted at this place which includes storks, kingfisher, egret, purple moorhen and white-breasted waterhen.

Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Majuli Island

There are plenty of tourist places in Majuli Island to explore for travellers. One can spend some amazing time on this island visiting these alluring attractions.

Kamlabari Satra

For centuries, Kamlabari Satra has been renowned as the prominent centre of art, culture, and literature. Though quite old yet, the beautiful architecture of Kamlabari Satra is hard to ignore while exploring this attraction. The walls and ceilings of this renowned tourist site in Majuli Island are beautifully adorned with intricate designs. The ceilings are decorated with exquisite images of various deities that beautifully depict the culture of Assam. If history lovers, as well as laymen, wish to know about Assam’s rich historical past, a visit to Kamalabari is a must.

Dakhinpat Satra

Another important place of tourist interest in Majuli Island, Dakhinpat Satra, is a historical monument which was established in the year 1584 by Vamsi Gopal. The defining feature of this place is its aesthetic architecture, which is visible in the paintings and sculptures on the walls. Rasotsava festival is celebrated at this place. Dakhnipat Satra is one of the perfect places to visit in Majuli Island to get a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage of Assam.

Auniati Satra

Founded by Niranjan Pathakdeva, Auniati Satra is known for housing a rich collection of Assamese artefacts, jewellery and utensils. Like every historical building in Majuli, Auniati Satra also has an exquisite architecture which also includes lion statues on each side of the gateway. This Satra is an epicentre of Vaishnavism and Satriaya culture in Assam. Satriya dances and songs are also performed at this place.


A golden temple-like structure, Tengapania is the perfect epitome of Ahom architecture. The exquisite statues and pointed pillars are its key highlights. Since Tengapania is located near the Brahmaputra river hence, one can also spend some quality time at this place. The area is surrounded with affluent greenery that makes it an ideal picnic spot in Majuli Island.


The hallowed site of Garmur is a prominent religious centre of Vaishnavite tradition. The site houses numerous intricate pillars that comfortable hold the roof of the building. Not just this, one can also see various artefacts and literature based on Vaishnavite tradition. This is one of the best places in Majuli Island for those who want to learn about Assamese culture.

Top Things to Do in Majuli Island

Apart from the above mentioned tourist places, there are a number of activities one can indulge in for an amazing holiday experience in Majuli Island.

Village Tour

The entire island of Majuli is inhabited by farming and tribal communities. One can go on a village tour of Majuli Island where you get to explore its beautiful culture and traditions. On a roadside, you can expect to see villagers practising the ancient craft of hand looming for which the region is famous.

Pilgrimage and Culture Tour

A number of travellers come to Majuli Island just to perform a pilgrimage and culture tour. The island has a total of 22 Satras that beautifully depict the Assamese culture and traditions. If not all, you can explore a few of them. Satras are Vaishnavite institutional centers where plays are performed, prayers are held and knowledge is imparted. Some of the oldest satras in Majuli Island date back to the 17th century. Chamaguir is one prominent Satra which you can opt to visit in Majuli Island. Here you can watch people making the traditional masks based on the characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a certainly a must thing to do in Majuli Island. The island is home to numerous locals and migratory birds that can be seen during the winter time. Some feather creatures that you can expect to see are storks, pelicans, whistling teals and Siberian cranes. Ducks and wild geese are the most common birds that can be seen traversing the wetlands and roads.

Accommodation Options

Despite being a renowned tourist place in Assam, the island lacks the facility of luxurious accommodation. The island does not have many options to choose from for travellers. There are cottages and guest houses that offer a comfortable stay in Majuli Island and win you with their outstanding hospitality. For more options, there are homestays that fit in the budget of all the travellers. A few old school lodges and hotels are located in the downtown area of Kamalabari where you also one can enjoy a pleasing stay.

Best Time to Visit Majuli Island

Majuli Island is located in the middle of the river, and hence, is prone to flood every year. Hence, monsoon is not at all an ideal time to visit Majuli Island. Whereas, the summer season is quite hot which again makes travelling a bit difficult in the region. The best time to visit Majuli Island is the winter season, which commences in November and ends in March. It is marked by cool and pleasant weather.

How to Reach Majuli Island?

The most common way to reach Manjuli Island is by Jorhat. From the Nimihat Ghat in Jorhat, take a ferry ride that leaves according to different prefixed schedules. Nimihat Ghat is a river port from where motor boats or ferries operate. It would take around one hour to reach the island. On the banks of Manjuli, there are multiple ports; the most popular of all is Kamlabari Ghat where you will most probably end up landing. From the ghat, share cabs and buses operate that will take you further inside the island.


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