Jorhat Travel Guide

Jorhat is home to the largest tea research centre of the country. In the northern region, this enchanting tourist destination in Assam is flourishing with abundant greenery in the form of splendid tea gardens. Often referred to as the Tea Capital of India, the town has around 135 tea gardens. The Annual Tea Festival is one of the main attractions of the town which is celebrated in the month of November. There is nothing like Jorhat in Assam – the unique blend of different cultures and the intriguing history make this town a place worth of your time and money. The history of this popular tourism place in Assam tells that Jorhat was the last capital of the Ahom Dynasty.

Besides, this travel destination in Assam is also recognized as an important educational centre in Assam. There are many renowned educational institutes in the town including Northeast Institute of Management, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat Insititute of Science and Technology and Jorhat Medical College. Amongst the major attractions of Jorhat, Hoollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary, Gymkhana Club, Cinnamora Tea Estate and Tocklai Tea Research Centre are some popular names.

Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Jorhat

A sightseeing tour in Jorhat is not just restricted to tea estates. There are so many attractions that one can explore while holidaying in Jorhat.

Hoollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary

A protected area, Hoollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top tourist attractions in Jorhat. It was earlier known as Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the only sanctuary in the country where you can spot Hoolock Gibbons and Bengal Slow Loris. The sanctuary works towards the conservation of the primate species. Capped Langur, tiger, wild boar, stump-tailed macaque and elephant are some other wild animals that can be seen here.

Tocklai Tea Research Centre

Established in the year 1911, Tocklai is the pioneer institute of tea research. In fact, it is the largest and the oldest research centre of its kind in the entire world. Within the scope of its research activities, the place has covered all aspects of tea cultivation and processing. A tour to this research centre includes a visit to its tea estate, manufacturing units, tea tasting rooms and chemical labs.


Recognized as the largest river island in the world, Majuli is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit around Jorhat. It is located at a distance of 44 km from the town. The island has many satras (religious centres) to visit that tell a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the people living here. Besides the cultural tour, the island is also famous for bird watching.

Gymkhana Club

The oldest golf club in India and the third oldest in the world, Gymkhana Club is a not-to-miss attraction in Jorhat. It was founded in the year 1876 by D. Slimmon. Apart from the golf, the venue is also used for horse races. It also has a cricket ground which had hosted C.K. Nayudu Under-19 Indian Cricket Tournament.

Cinnamora Tea Estate

The significance of Cinnamora Tea Estate can be estimated with the fact that it is the first tea garden in Assam. The tea estate was set up by Maniram Dewan in the year 1850. Certainly, it is a treat to explore this picturesque tea garden and to experience the serenity of the surrounding.

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar was established by Mahadeva – a saint cum reformer. It is one of the oldest namghars (place of worship) in the state. The history of this place dates back to the 15th century. Since its inception, the place has been an important pilgrimage centre for Baisnav religion.

Top Things to do in Jorhat

Apart from the above attractions, there are some amazing things to do in while holidaying in Jorhat to make your experience a memorable one.

Culture Tour on Majuli Island

Assam is culturally diverse and Majuli Island is one such perfect place where tourists get to experience the best of it. Explore the Satras to learn about the Vaishnav culture and Assamese culture and traditions. Here tourists also get to see the art of mask masking. Visitors can also interact with the people of Mishing tribe and learn about their culture while relishing their traditional cuisine.

Wildlife Tour

One of the important aspects of Assam tourism is wildlife. In Jorhat, you can get to savour this experience by visiting Kaziranga National Park is a popular wildlife destination in Assam near Jorhat where tourists can head out. The world heritage site is just located at a distance of 112 km from Jorhat. Another wildlife reserve to visit in close proximity to Jorhat is Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tea Estate Tour

Jorhat has a number of tea gardens that can be visited for an ultimate tea estate tour. Attabari, Borahi, Cherideopurbut, Deepling, Gaduka, Kanu, Namdang and Raidang are a few names in the long list of tea estates in Jorhat. Here you can observe the process of preparing tea and can also try samples of different types of tea. To add more charm to it, book a stay in one of the heritage bungalows located near the tea estates.

Accommodation Options

For tourists, there is a range of accommodation options in Jorhat to choose from. Though there is hardly any luxury hotel in the town, one can find a number of budget and deluxe staying options that are quite comfortable and equipped with all modern amenities. Along with that, the town also has various rest houses to stay in.

Best Time to Visit Jorhat

The summer season remains hot and humid in Jorhat making it a bit inconvenient for travellers to explore the region during this time. The monsoon season is another time which should be avoided to plan a vacation to Jorhat. Though the beauty of the town enhances with the first shower of monsoon season but, at the same time, the rainfall makes travelling unsafe in Jorhat. Therefore, the best time to visit Jorhat is the winter season. Beginning in the month of November, winters in Jorhat is all cool and pleasant. The temperature during this season varies between 7 degrees and 18 degrees Celsius. Winters in Jorhat ends in the month of March.

How to Reach Jorhat?

The town of Jorhat can be reached through any major means of transport. The best way to reach Jorhat is by rail. Jorhat Railway Station is the nearest railhead that connects this place to several places in India. The airways is another ideal means of transport to reach Jorhat for travellers coming from distant parts of India. From the town, the nearest airport is Jorhat Airport which is well-connected with major cities like Guwahati, Kolkata and Bangalore. One can also reach the town via road. Buses from nearby cities and towns like Tezpur, Kohima, Guwahati and Dimapur operate to and fro Jorhat.


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