Haflong Travel Guide

Located in the district Dima Hasao, Haflong is known in Assam for its beautiful hills, gorgeous valleys, scenic landscape and majestic mountains. The town of Haflong is a popular tourist destination in Assam and the nature lovers are sure to be allured by it. Campers and adventures also find Haflong as their perfect hideout for a good vacation time as the town offers the options of camping and trekking.

Tourists can interact with locals and get to learn about their beautiful culture and traditions. Haflong Lake is one of the many tourist attractions in Haflong which is known for its scenic setting. Such is the exquisiteness of this place that people often come here to spend time with friends and family. Maibong, Ramchandi Temple and Haflong Hill are some best tourism places in Haflong.

Top Tourist Attractions in Haflong

The town of Haflong is blessed with the abundance of greenery and natural beauty. Amidst the scenic settings, there are numerous attractions in the town that makes vacationing in Haflong even more exciting.

Haflong Lake

Reckoned amongst the most beautiful lakes in Assam, Haflong Lake is a major tourist destination located in the downtown of Haflong. For travellers, this place a not-to-miss attraction. At the lake site, tourists can indulge in the recreational activities including boating and picnicking.


Some 48 km north of Haflong, Maibong/Maibang is a little town that receives a considerable footfall of tourists. The town is famous for exotic natural beauty which includes the mighty mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and historical relics. Maibong was once the capital of old Kachri Rulers between the 16th and 18th century.


A popular bird-watching spot in the region, Jatinga is a not-to-miss attraction in Haflong. The place is famous for its ‘bird suicide’ phenomenon. During August and November, the birds die here out of mysterious reasons. It mainly occurs on the dark and foggy nights. Apart from that, the serenity and exquisiteness is the talk of this place that cast a magical spell in the hearts of tourists.

Top Things to Do in Haflong

Waterfall and Trekking

There are many waterfalls around Haflong. To reach most of these waterfalls, one has to perform easy to moderate trekking. These are short treks that take around 4-5 hours to complete.

Cultural Tour

Haflong is inhabited by different tribes. Tourists can interact with the people of these tribes to know about their culture and tradition. People in Haflong are amiable and hospitable towards tourists.

Accommodation Options

There is a decent number of accommodations in Haflong that offer basic amenities and beautiful surroundings to relish. Most of the hotels in Haflong are in budget that are also efficient enough in proffering a comfortable stay. One can also find lodges and guesthouses that as budget staying options in Haflong.

Best Time to Visit Haflong

Winter is the best time to visit Haflong. Beginning in November, the season witnesses cool and pleasant weather condition that remains ideal for exploring the place. The season ends in March. Summer is another ideal season to visit Haflong. The temperature during the season ranges from 24 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, and the weather remains moderately hot. Whereas, monsoon is not at all an ideal time to explore the town because of heavy rain.

How to Reach Haflong?

The only hill station in Assam, Haflong is accessible through all the means of transport – air, rail and road. One can reach the town via Guwahati Airport which is the nearest airhead to Haflong. Another best way to reach Haflong is by rail. From downtown, the Haflong Railway Station is located at a distance of 3 km. It is well-connected with some major cities in the country. Haflong is also accessible via road. Buses, both private and government, ply on regular intervals connecting Haflong to nearby cities and towns.


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