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Baby Rhino Rescued From Kaziranga Flood

19 Jul, 2019

Struggling Baby Rhino Saved from the Rushing Flood Water of Kaziranga National Park

The Assam Flash Flood 2019 has led to Kaziranga National Park suffer terribly. Reports states large areas of the park has submerged in the water which caused the death of a number of animals while some of them were seen trying to escape. But amidst the chaos, Indian Forest Officials came forth to protect the distressed animals. On 16th July, 2019, the authorities in charge rescued a baby rhino from drowning. The video of the baby rhino being rescued by the wildlife rescuers was posted by IFS Parveen Kaswan on 18th July 2019 evening. The 45-second long video shows the struggle of the rescuers in hauling the calf onto the bamboo shaft out of the floodwater which was taken to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

About the Rescued Baby Rhino

Baby Rhino Rescued From Kaziranga Park Flood

Image Credit: https://thedo.do/2JEWppe

The Calf is three-months-old and was trying to reach its mother. Failed to maintain the balance, it lost its footing and fell into the rushing flood water of Kaziranga National Park. Currently, the baby rhino is under 24-hour surveillance to make sure it stabilizes. The Calf is highly stressed and is now responding to milk formula and oral rehydration. In addition to this, eight other Rhinos rescued from the flood are taken care of by IFAW.

Usually, the process of reuniting young individuals with their mother lasts for weeks before they are subjected to long-term rehabilitation as said to the Dodo by Gail A’Brunzo, Wildlife Manager for IFAW.


About Kaziranga National Park

kaziranga rhino dna india

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2XSR71U

Home to the world’s largest population of the one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga National Park is spread across the floodplains of River Brahmaputra. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1985, the park has gained notable success in wildlife conservation in India. Besides the one-horned rhinos, tigers, monkeys, sloth bears, elephants, and musk deer are also found in the national park.

Sadly, incessant rain has led to 95% of the Kaziranga National Park submerge in water and at least 19 people and two rhinos have died in the area so far.

About Assam Flood 2019

Assam Flood Situation

The massive flood has uprooted the lives of many. According to the reports 43 Lakh people in 4,157 villages of the northeastern state of India has been affected. Even though the State Government has taken several steps in dealing with the situation. But, we all can come forward and help the flood victims of Assam by contributing all that we can. To know how you can make a donation for the Assam Flood Relief Fund, click here. Let Assam know that they aren’t alone.

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