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Kaziranga Elephant Feeding Her Baby

05 Jan, 2022

Watch Video: Beautiful Scene of Mama Elephant Feeding Her Baby Captured in Kaziranga National Park

Recently Kaziranga National Park in Assam has posted a cute video of an Elephant feeding her baby in a swamp. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has become the center of attraction on the internet.

The Kaziranga Elephant video clip has generated incredible reactions from wildlife enthusiasts and more than 44k views. The video starts with a mother elephant strolling in a swamp consuming and twisting bundles of grass. While she roams for the fresh grass, the baby elephant follows her and tries to suckle her. There is one bird who is also sitting on the head of mama elephant. Bitupan Kolong shot this amazing scene and has now become an awe-inspiring sight to see. Such a beautiful scene of the Elephant of Kaziranga definitely calls for an ‘Aww’ in a cute way.

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