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23 Dec, 2021

Mercury Drops Down- Little Blankets for Baby Elephants in Kaziranga National Park

As the cold waves of North East India started hitting the little creatures of Kaziranga National Park, the rehabilitation and conservation center has started to take necessary steps to help wild animals survive in winter. Recently, Hearts of the people are getting blown over by the images of cute little baby elephants wrapped in warm blankets at the center for rehabilitation and conservation in Assam on social media.

According to Dr Samsul Ali, veterinarian at CWRC along with the baby elephants, currently “there are five rhinos and nine elephants at CWRC in Kaziranga. During the cold wave, we are looking after the baby elephants by covering them with blankets. We are also caring for the rhino calves and have taken measures for the birds,”.

The video of the cute images of baby elephants wrapped in blankets   getting popular in social media also pointed our focus on the problems faced by animals in winter. They too face so many problems in surviving winter. So, the initiative of the Conservation and Rehabilitation center to take care of wild animals in winter is a good initiative for the conservation of Wild animals.

Continuing with the list, one Tiger Cub and Five baby Rhinos are also being taken care of by the park authorities with extra care on their diet and providing them nutritious food to keep them physically fit. The birds in Kaziranga National Park are also under incubation to keep them safe from the dropping levels of mercury.

The same steps have been taken by Assam State too to protect wild animals. The Lucknow Zoo authorities are also helping animals with nutritious food, blankets and heaters to help animals survive the harsh winter.

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